■Design examples

The Air-Capsule can be designed according to various shapes and be produced. To install the capsule as much as possible in the minimum core width, the array of the capsule is considered according to the specification.

Attention in handling

• Please do not inflate the capsule in the state without the core.
• Please protect the capsule with adding paper core in the part where the core doesn't cover the capsule.
• Please do not soak it in the solvent and water.
• Please avoid use in the high temperature part of 40℃ (104°F) or higher.
• Please do not hit the Air-Capsule with any sharp things such as knife or nail. It may puncture of the Air-Capsule..
• Compress air must use dry air.

Lightweight, Precise Rotation, and Long Life,
High Performance air shaft

At Himecs, we have been pursuing a lighter weight, precision rotation, longer life air shaft design for years. The Air-Capsule proudly embodies these three goals and more.
The shaft, which contains a capsule, combines the journal part to the main body of the axis forming a single-piece construction. This integrated design allows for a light weight, precision rotation, long life air shaft with high retention and high transmission torque.
The Air-Capsule can be used with ultra-thin paper tubes, at high-velocity revolutions, and in a clean-room or vacuum. It is appropriate for use with all core material and thereby, within any industry.

■The light weight air shaft

The Air-Capsule has a large chucking force and is light weight. Compared to conventional lug-tube type shafts, the Air-Capsule is about 50% lighter and has additional flexibility for weight reduction with further design specifications.

■A new vibration suppression design

Shown in Fig 1.The conventional lug-tube air shaft has design flaws that make fixing the core to the center of the main shaft difficult. In the lug-tube air shaft, the expansion tube within the core is held in place by lugs. When air pressure is applied, the tube expands with only these lugs for support. In contrast, the Air-Capsule expands in all directions holding the center of the main shaft tightly in place inside the core providing excellent stability and maximum vibration resistance.

■Long life without breakdown

Without lugs, the Air-Capsule is able to avoid the disadvantages caused by the friction that occurs between the rubber tube and lugs during rotation. Elimination of this friction leads to the durability of the Air-Capsule compared to a conventional lug-tube.

■Low air pressure secures high transmission torque.

As shown in the drawing Fig 2, the Air-Capsule, which is placed on the integrated main shaft, expands under the force of compressed air and presses against the inside surface of the paper core creating large
contact surface, pressing the core to the shaft.
The pressure and frictional force generates high transmission torque from the shaft to the core.
Being elastic, the Air-capsule returns to its original shapes when the compressed air is released, freeing the fixed core.

■Excellent for use in a clean room.

In conventional air shafts, the friction of the lugs in the core produces dust that is detrimental in the clean room environment. The Air-Capsule uses compressed air to secure the core to the shaft. By eliminating the use of lugs, the Air-Capsule reduces dust and saves on wear.

■Compatibility is preeminent with metal core and plastic core.

The high abrasion resistance Urethane material of the Air-Capsule is highly compatible with paper, plastic and metal core materials and provides advantages over lug-type shafts which experience slipping when used with plastic and metal cores.

■Appropriate in vacuum

The high density Urethane material used for the manufacture of the Air-Capsule allows for its use in a vacuum.