The Hi-Lock is an innovation in flexibility. Its molded Urethane construction holding an air pressure inflated capsule enables a multitude of combinations for use with high-speed, precise rotation roll mechanisms.
Furthermore, the Hi-Lock can quickly and economically take the place of the air shaft and core chuck in a variety of situations

There are 2 basic uses of the Hi-Lock as a chucking system, both of which can greatly improve manufacturing quality.

【Type-S & Type-F】

Use as an air shaft

Both Type-S and Type-F Hi-Locks can be mounted onto a rod and be used as an air shaft. These Hi-Locks can be set to work with varying combinations of torque, roll width, and roll withdrawal methods required for the job.

Detail of Type-S and Type-F



Use as a shaft-less core chuck

The Type-L Hi-Lock can be attached to a shaft or drive shaft brake and used with a shaft-less winder.

Detail of Type-L