■Specifications (RC300)

■Specifications by Model

Improve efficiency and workplace environment with this roll controller.
High Performance Roll Flipping Unit

This device is installed onto the existing hoisting chain and can maneuver a roll, for example, parallel or vertically onto a pallet, or to take out boxed rolls to maneuver them for unloading.
Because the ROLL CATCHER is installed on the existing chain block,there is a low maintenance with its use.


●The ROLL CATCHER device balances the roll's center of gravity against its pivoting force, thereby improving stability and increasing its handling ability. The tool can accept a large variety of roll widths.
●A 25 seconds/roll handling speed can be achieved, thereby shortening work time.
●The work space is not considerably restricted.
●A variety of core chuck diameters can be accommodated.
●Hanging space required is only a minimum of roll width + 1650mm (subject to specific balance adjustment needs)

■Mechanism of core chuck

Air pressure is applied to a super-abrasion-resistant, molded Urethrane capsule holding onto the inside core of the roll. Various capsules sizes are available to accommodate a variety of core diameters. Air pressure necessary is 0.5MPa.

■How to use

Explosion Proof Roll



An explosion proof roll reversing device

This ROLL CATCHER is designed for smaller sized rolls with a width of less than 500mm and weight of less than 70kgf.
The device is made explosion proof by using air pressure for its driving force instead of oil powered motor. Because the device can change its point of force, ease of use is greatly improved.