A super chuck for superior quality manufacturing

The OBS-Lock uses the Urethane technology of the Air- Capsule and Hi-Lock and further promotes manufacturing quality and precision. The OBS-Lock achieves a swing accuracy of 5/100mm guaranteeing mechanical centering accuracy and the sealed mechanical parts of the OBS-Lock provide added quality assurance.
Furthermore, the OBS-Lock can handle high transmission torque and be used with a variety core material because of its use of urethane to grip the core. It is compatible with the Hi-Lock for a space-saving, flexible design.


•Uses a mechanism that guarantees chuck accuracy in the core
•Designed to withstand varying roll weight
•Mechanical parts are completely sealed in Urethane thereby preventing lubricant powders and oil leakage, making the device conducive to use in a clean room environment
•Urethane construction provides high transmission torque and enables utilization with a variety of core material from paper to plastic to metal.
•Compatible with the Hi-Lock providing a space-saving design.