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A Vertical roll lifter that assists in worker safety and efficiency

This handy instrument transports and transfers rolls from palette to machine or machine to palette. The freedom of movement that the roll lifter provides in the vertical and horizontal directions allows for easy transference and improved safety and efficiency.

When roll such as the film, paper, and the aluminum foils is received to the machine and the palette and it passes it, roll is treated by laying, and setting it up. However, when it often relies on people and the heavy load is treated, work with dangers such as lumbagos and the injuries has been still pressed by a factory advanced by making to FA.
Rolls of paper or aluminum are often heavy. Even in modern factories, they are still handled manually becoming a source of back and other injuries during transfer, laying down and setting up of the rolls into machines.

In Himecs, rationalization and the safety of such work were pursued, and ROLL PICKER made it to the embodiment.
At Himecs, we observed the need to assist in this task and created the Roll Picker.
* allow heavy loads to be handled by one person easily.
* move loads smoothly with the use of a hydraulic system.
* increase directional mobility because it is not 'fixed' like other transfer vehicles.
* answer the workers' needs for lifting rolls at various sites.


Heavy rolls are easily transported using the power of electricity

This ROLL PICKER has 2 electric motors that run the front wheels of the lifter, thereby making transport of heavy materials nearly effortless. Additionally, the center of gravity is positioned on the front wheel as well to aid in precise turning.



Roll reversing Lifter for small roll

The ROLL PICKER II is a roll reversing lifter that can handle rolls of comparatively light weight and small size(up to 100kg(220lbs) and 500mm(20") in width). It can be used to load and unload smaller sized rolls from pallets.
For example, it can pull out a roll stacked on a pallet and set it onto a slanted winding shaft or vice versa.


A vertical roll lifter that executes multiple stage stacking

The ROLL PICKER III can stack light and small rolls (less than 100kg(220lbs), smaller than 600mm(23.6") width) onto a pallet in multiple stages. Stacking and unstacking rolls is its specialty, and it is especially useful for removing rolls from the machine after cutting.
The ROLL PICKER III can raise and lower rolls from a height of 220mm to 1300mm(8.6"to50") providing utility in a variety of transport scenarios