Hand Catcher

Prevents injury to the hands during boxing of products

The hand is not hurt by work of packing in a case.
Chucking is done by self-powered roll so less grip pressure is necessary
Weight: 750 g
Max Lifting weight: 20 Kg
Handling Core size :φ76~φ78
(Please contact us for other size)


Air Catcher

Will accommodate 1 to 15 inches

Hanging tools designed adopting capsule structure
Supporting Inner core is as wide as 1 to 15 inches and also
Adapted to any Core material

Robot Hand

Automatically adjusts production to manufacture anything from a coffee cup to a 1 ton roll

This tool was designed using material handling knowledge and
urethane molding technology
Automatically adjusts production to manufacture anything from
a coffee cup to a 1 ton roll and can lift even a telescoping roll.



Foot Hydraulic

A minimum of foot pressure is required to use the pump for high loads

This unique pump combines 2 different sized pistons to bring improvement to work efficiency.
At no load, this pump rises at a speed 4x faster than the careful speed during lifting of a load. Additionally, the mechanism allows for less foot pressure in its operation allowing for wider use by staff.
The larger of the pistons operates during movement with no load while the smaller of the pistons does the work when a load is to be lifted. The pedal can be folded away when not in use.
The Foot Hydraulic Pump can be installed into various other equipment including the Roll Picker II and III, and Roll Liftcar I and II. It can be especially useful to install when fabricating a dedicated truck.


Hand / Foot operated


Two-step Hydraulic

Pump System

[ In collaboration with Hirano Tecseed, Inc.]

Making roll transfer easy and safe

Aligning the chuck and core is one of the crucial steps in transferring film
and paper rolls. With the Combination Two-step Hydraulic Pump System,
the roll is moved horizontally on the cart and then moved vertically by
a powerful piston during transfer to the machine using the hydraulic foot pump. Accurate alignment of the roll to the chuck is then done by the hand controlled hydraulic pump allowing for precise control.
For rolls that are too heavy to lift by manpower using the high speed piston, switch to the lower speed piston to increase power allowing for a heavier load to be lifted.